For new users

What exactly is myFlat?

myFlat is an apartment management software product offered over cloud. It helps you automate repetitive activities in your building. Our features include raising / tracking maintenance requests, digital notices, surveys, services directory, move-in/move-out, amenity booking and many more. Find more here at What we do

How does myFlat work?

We built below products thoughtfully for our customers to improve their lives.

  1. Resident app: This app is for residents for raising / tracking maintenance requests, participating in surveys, read announcements / notices, hire tradesman, contact building management or neighbours.
  2. Building manager portal: Our web app portal is for building management to carry out their building related activities such as sending online announcements / notices, action maintenance requests, conduct surveys, and many more.

What infrastructure we need to use myFlat?

Simply nothing! myFlat is a cloud software which means no additional infrastructure is needed, so zero overheads. Residents can download the app from the AppStore or PlayStore for free on their smart phones and building management need a desktop / laptop with internet connection to use the web portal.

How do we sign up for myFlat?

Click on Contact us for a demo and one of myFlat friendly members will contact you to demonstrate the product and we take it from there.

What’s in the demo?

We explain more in detail about the myFlat features and how it helps managing your building in a better way. We have 30 days free trial available if you wish to go ahead. We don’t require any credit card / payment / no lock-in contract to start the free trial.

How long does it take to on-board our building on to myFlat?

The on-boarding process usually takes no more than 1 business day.

How much does it cost to use myFlat?

Our services cost no more than a cup of a coffee per unit monthly.

For building management

What is magic link?

A link will be sent to you via email which lets you login to the myFlat manager web portal. This will make sure the right person logs in to the system.

Do I need magic link every time I login?

Yes, you need the magic link every time you login so that you don’t need to stress about remembering another password. Magic link can be requested on your registered email address from login page and follow the instructions. Its that simple.

As a Building manager, Can I add or delete an unit in the building?

Unfortunately no, all administrative tasks must be done by myFlat Admin only which is one-off job. Should you require to create / update building units, we are always there to help. Please write us an email.

How do I on-board residents on to myFlat?

Here are couple of easy ways to do it.

  1. From web portal, You can go to the unit that resident owns / rents and click on ’Add Resident’ and details (or)
  2. Resident can download & login to Resident App and request access by adding building and unit

Can I amend or delete an announcement / notice after it is published?

Yes certainly, you can amend or delete notice after publishing it and you may also delete survey.

In case of an emergency, where can I find next of kin for my residents?

If residents have listed their emergency contacts on their profiles, you can find them under Residents section on the web portal.

Can I add both owner and tenant to the same unit?

Yes absolutely, you can add both owner and tenant, however choose their occupancy status appropriately.

Can I opt-in only for notifications I'm interested in?

Yes, all notifications are managed under the settings section through web portal and you can control what you like to receive.

For Residents

How do I login to resident app?

Download Resident App and enter your email & password to login, incase you are not registered you will need to choose a password to login.

I'm moving in soon, how do I get added to the building on myFlat?

Download Resident App and request using "Add new Unit/Villa" feature and we send it to your building manager for approval.

I requested for building access using resident app and why it still shows pending?

Please allow 1 to 2 business days for your building manager for approval. If it's still in pending, the app allows you to see building manager contact details and you may contact building manager directly.

My request to join the building is rejected, why?

Your request can be rejected by your building manager for a few reasons.

  1. You are not recognised as a resident (owner / tenant) or
  2. You provided incorrect details such as wrong unit number or name while requesting
  3. Your manager accidentally rejected, in which case please contact your manager directly to fix it

I am an investor, can I still use myFlat?

Absolutely, you can have access to myFlat to know what’s happening in your investment property in relation to building maintenance, upgrades, surveys etc...

For resident app users

Do you show my contact details to my neighbours?

We take your privacy seriously, so we don't show your phone number and photo unless you enable them using resident app. We only show your full name and email which you can also choose not to share.

How do I hide my email under neighbours directory?

On your resident app, go to your profile and turn off privacy option for "Email".

Can my family or co-residents also use myFlat?

Most definitely, we allow all your residents living or owning the unit to use myFlat. To invite them, just go to your “profile” page on the app and add your family/co-residents. This can only be done by the active app user.

Can I opt-in only for notifications I'm interested in?

Yes, all notifications are managed under app notification settings from your resident app and you can control what you like to receive.

I downloaded photos / attachments from myFlat, where do I find them on my phone?

  1. If you are using iPhone, check Downloads -> On My iPhone -> myFlat folder
  2. If you are using Android, check Download folder or the notification tray

I am a tenant and moving out, how do I get removed from the building?

Here are couple of easy ways to do it.

  1. On your resident app, go to settings and click on “Unlink Unit/Villa" which will remove you from the building or
  2. Contact the building manager using the directory on your resident app to remove you from the building